The Norwegian consultancy company Halogen AS is the host institution and owner of the VISUAL project. The project is coordinated by SINTEF ICT, constituting the research part together with Linköping University of Sweden. Our industry partners Hafslund, and DIPS are providers of a range of different services and products. They all have a strategic focus on service innovation. The VISUAL project is funded by The Research Council of Norway through the programme User-driven Research based Innovation (BIA).

Halogen AS is the project owner and one of the leading consultancy companies in Scandinavia within service design. Halogen have 60 enthusiastic employees, highly educated and specialised in strategy, analysis, information architecture, interaction design, concept development and product design.

For more information, please contact Jonathan Romm (e-mail: jonathan.romm <at>
Visit Halogen’s company site

Hafslund AS is one of Norway’s largest power grid owner and electricity supplier. The Hafslund corporation has long traditions, being founded in 1898. Hafslund has a strategic focus on value added services to maintain market share in a highly competitive market.

For more information please contact Thor Haugnæss (e-mail: thor.haugnaess <at>
Visit Hafslund’s company site

FINN is Norway’s largest digital marketplace and was established in March 2000. is specialized in advertising and services for purchase and sales between private consumers, as well as small and large businesses. has more than 4 million unique visitors each month, spending an average of 17 minutes on this popular service.

For more information please contact Fredrik Schjold (e-mail: fredrik.schjold <at>
Visit’s company site

DIPS is one of the leading software houses in the Nordic countries. They are developing the e-health solutions of the future and currently have more than 80.000 users. The company was founded as a spin-off from a hospital in Norway and has provided EHR solutions for the Norwegian Health Sector for 25 years. DIPS electronic health record has been developed through many years of close cooperation with hospitals and is running in 73 % of Norwegian hospitals.

For more information please contact Annette Lund Lillegaard (e-mail: avl <at>
Visit DIPS’ company site

SINTEF is the largest independent research organisation in Scandinavia. The Human Computer Interaction group at SINTEF researches the interplay between technology, humans, and society. This knowledge is used to develop and evaluate computer systems suited to the needs and requirements of humans and society.

For more information please contact Ragnhild Halvorsrud (e-mail: ragnhild.halvorsrud <at>
Visit the HCI group at SINTEF

The Interaction and Service Design Research Group studies the applied art of facilitating people’s interaction as it is mediated by IT-based products, services, and systems. At the centre of their work, as in all design work, are human concerns, sketching and expression of ideas, innovation and methodological work. Design is a work process for developing solutions in a reflective and innovative manner, meeting both functional and aesthetic requirements based on the needs of people.

For more information please contact Stefan Holmlid (e-mail: stefan.holmlid <at>
Visit the IxS group at Linköping University


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CJML has moved

The visual language CJML has evolved further since the VISUAL project ended in 2016, and is managed by SINTEF Digital.

To find the latest developments, articles and examples of CJML please visit the new resource page of CJML.

The current page will not be updated.

This is VISUAL

Get to know the basics about the VISUAL notation and terminology.

Download VISUAL for Visio
Make Diagrams

We have made it easier to create diagrams. Download graphical elements or try our stencils.

Download VISUAL elements
The VISUAL project
Project leader:
Ragnhild Halvorsrud, SINTEF ICT
E-mail: ragnhild.halvorsrud <at>

Project owner:
Lasse Pedersen, Halogen
E-mail: lasse.pedersen <at>

The project is an innovation project supported by the Research Council of Norway.

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