Nytt prosjekt om pasientforløp

Den 16. november 2017 ble det avholdt en vellykket erfaringsutveksling om arbeid med pasientforløp i SINTEFs lokaler i Oslo. Deltakerne fikk blant annet prøvd seg på å lage forløp i praksis. På bildene ser vi ivrige deltakere fra Helse Nord, Helse Vest og OUS.

Samme dag fikk vi også den gledelige beskjeden om at vårt prosjektforslag om pasientforløp har fått støtte av Forskningsrådet gjennom programmet HELSEVEL.

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Outstanding paper award

Our work with customer journeys, published in the Journal of Service Theory and Practice, has received the prestigious “Outstanding Paper of the Year” award. The paper describes earlier work in the global telecom company Telenor, establishing a best practice and a method for quality-assuring customer journeys. The conceptual and theoretical part of the paper has contributions from  VISUAL. 
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Link to an author version of the awarded paper
Link to more information from Emerald publishing
Link to a blog post in Gemini with illustrations and pictures (Norwegian version)

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The VISUAL project has ended

The VISUAL innovation project, funded by the Research council of Norway,  has now come to an end. VISUAL provides terminology and a visual notation for viewing services from the perspective of the customers. It makes it easier to talk about services across departments, and it expose the “delivery gap” to help you improve the customer experience. Check out the boxes in the right column. Here you find an introduction to VISUAL, and support for making diagrams.

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CJML has moved

The visual language CJML has evolved further since the VISUAL project ended in 2016, and is managed by SINTEF Digital.

To find the latest developments, articles and examples of CJML please visit the new resource page of CJML.

The current page will not be updated.

This is VISUAL

Get to know the basics about the VISUAL notation and terminology.

Download VISUAL for Visio
Make Diagrams

We have made it easier to create diagrams. Download graphical elements or try our stencils.

Download VISUAL elements
The VISUAL project
Project leader:
Ragnhild Halvorsrud, SINTEF ICT
E-mail: ragnhild.halvorsrud <at> sintef.no

Project owner:
Lasse Pedersen, Halogen
E-mail: lasse.pedersen <at> halogen.no

The project is an innovation project supported by the Research Council of Norway.