The VISUAL future

The VISUAL innovation project, funded by the Research council of Norway,  has now come to an end. VISUAL provides terminology and a visual notation for viewing services from the perspective of the customers. It makes it easier to talk about services across departments, and it expose the “delivery gap” to help you improve the customer experience. Check out the boxes in the right column. Here you find an introduction to VISUAL, and support for making diagrams.

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A room with a view

Recent publications has raised awareness that companies need to focus on the customer’s end-to-end journey, and move away from “polishing” single touchpoints. The energy supplier Hafslund Strøm has adopted customer journey methodology for many years. Recently, they have found a new way to engage people across the company in discussing and analysing customer journeys.

Bruk Hafslund 1

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Planning of operations in DIPS

The VISUAL case studies form the basis for assessing and developing the VISUAL language through practical application. This case study was hosted by DIPS ASA, the leading supplier of eHealth systems to Norwegian hospitals, with more than 80,000 daily users.

In 2015, DIPS was in the midst of re-developing the operation planning module in their system. Operation planning is a complex process that involves many actors: a patient, general practitioners, specialists, nurses, administrative personnel, and more. Critical and sensitive information is exchanged over time between the actors electronically through the DIPS system, but also face-to-face, and through letters and SMS.

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VISUAL tested at workshop

VISUAL arranged a workshop during the Yggdrasil conference 14-15 April 2015, focusing on evaluation of the visual language. Yggdrasil is Norway’s most important conference on digital user experiences and service design. The conference is interdisciplinary and gathers designers, front end developers,  and service/product responsible in private and public enterprises.

participants constructing a customer journey

Workshop participants constructing a customer journey using mini whiteboards and magnets

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VISUAL graphics available

Examples of symbols

Some of the touchpoint symbols in VISUAL

The graphical elements of VISUAL are now available in several formats. The fastest way to create VISUAL diagrams is to use our Visio stencils. If you do not have the Visio software, you can use PowerPoint or you can download the individual elements as vector graphics (svg) or bitmap images (png).

To access the material, click the “Make diagram” box in the right column, or follow this link. If you want a general introduction to the VISUAL terminology, symbols and diagrams, click the box “This is VISUAL”or follow this link.

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Materiale fra seminaret

Bilde av Litteraturhuset i Oslo

Takk til alle som deltok på seminaret “Et felles språk for tjenestedesign” på Litteraturhuset den 22. januar 2015. Seminaret samlet omlag 150 deltakere fra bedrifter, konsulentselskaper, offentlig sektor og forskningsinstitusjoner. Presentasjonene som ble vist kan du laste ned her.


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Et felles språk for tjenestedesign

VISUAL-prosjektet inviterer til seminar

Tid: torsdag 22. januar kl. 9-12, frokost for påmeldte fra kl.8:30.
Sted: Litteraturhuset, Oslo
Påmelding: send e-post til innen 19. januar

Tjenesteinnovasjon er i vinden som aldri før – men snakker vi samme språk? Ønsker du å levere tjenester som gir en enkel og konsistent opplevelse? Har du kjent på utfordringer knyttet til å oversette “wow-opplevelser” til underliggende systemer som kan levere varen? Trenger du å styrke verktøykassa med metodikk som kan brukes av alle i bedriften?

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This is VISUAL

Get to know the basics about the VISUAL notation and terminology.

Download VISUAL for Visio
Make Diagrams

We have made it easier to create diagrams. Download graphical elements or try our stencils.

Download VISUAL elements
The VISUAL project
Project leader:
Ragnhild Halvorsrud, SINTEF ICT
E-mail: ragnhild.halvorsrud <at>

Project owner:
Lasse Pedersen, Halogen
E-mail: lasse.pedersen <at>

The project is an innovation project supported by the Research Council of Norway.