Halogen hosts VISUAL kick-off

The project’s kick-off took place Nov 22, 2012 in Halogen’s premises. Project owner Jonathan Romm (Halogen) and project leader Ragnhild Halvorsrud (SINTEF) introduced the participating consortium members to the project vision and objectives. A short introduction to each industry partner (Hafslund Strøm, FINN.no, and DIPS) provided summary information about each participating organization, its role in the project, and expectations for the outcome of VISUAL. A presentation of the service design field was provided by Stefan Holmlid (Linköping’s university), engaging the participants in hands-on exercises.


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CJML has moved

The visual language CJML has evolved further since the VISUAL project ended in 2016, and is managed by SINTEF Digital.

To find the latest developments, articles and examples of CJML please visit the new resource page of CJML.

The current page will not be updated.

This is VISUAL

Get to know the basics about the VISUAL notation and terminology.

Download VISUAL for Visio
Make Diagrams

We have made it easier to create diagrams. Download graphical elements or try our stencils.

Download VISUAL elements
The VISUAL project
Project leader:
Ragnhild Halvorsrud, SINTEF ICT
E-mail: ragnhild.halvorsrud <at> sintef.no

Project owner:
Lasse Pedersen, Halogen
E-mail: lasse.pedersen <at> halogen.no

The project is an innovation project supported by the Research Council of Norway.

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