VISUAL tested at workshop

VISUAL arranged a workshop during the Yggdrasil conference 14-15 April 2015, focusing on evaluation of the visual language. Yggdrasil is Norway’s most important conference on digital user experiences and service design. The conference is interdisciplinary and gathers designers, front end developers,  and service/product responsible in private and public enterprises.

participants constructing a customer journey

Workshop participants constructing a customer journey using mini whiteboards and magnets

The workshop started out with an introduction to service development and customer journeys, and was followed up by a walk-through of the terminology and visual representation of VISUAL. The presentation is available in SlideShare.

Evaluation of touchpointss

Participants working on evaluation of touchpoints

The term touchpoint is central term in VISUAL. A scenario describing a furniture shopping experience was given to the participants, and their first task was to identify the touchpoints. The idea was to find out whether the participants could identify the touchpoints based on the relatively short introduction to the VISUAL language. The symbols representing touchpoints in VISUAL was also evaluated by the participants during this session.

The rest of the workshop made use of mini whiteboards for constructing customer journeys.  The participants worked in groups to reconstruct a planned customer journey for a fictious alarm company. Next, they received documentation of a real customer journey, and their task was to document this specific customer journey using the whiteboards.

The mini whiteboards turned out to be very useful for experimenting with touchpoints and customer journeys. Although the data collected during the workshop remains to be analyzed, it seems that they were able to make models of customer journeys using VISUAL. We also received feedback from the participants during the workshop that “this was fun”.

Example journey constructed by the participants

Example of a customer journey constructed by the participants

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CJML has moved

The visual language CJML has evolved further since the VISUAL project ended in 2016, and is managed by SINTEF Digital.

To find the latest developments, articles and examples of CJML please visit the new resource page of CJML.

The current page will not be updated.

This is VISUAL

Get to know the basics about the VISUAL notation and terminology.

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The VISUAL project
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